International Democratic Education Directory

Fiona Doubleday

Street: Hazelbank, Whiting Bay
City: Isle of Arran
Country: UK
Postcode: KA278QA
Phone Number: 01770 700470
Contact person: Fiona Doubleday
I am an education consultant and I also home educate my four children,  Part of my work is focusing on meeting the needs of the whole child through engaging and worthwile learning journeys that are capable of responding to individual need.  I am a writer and I am interested in this charitable foundation.  I am currently working on my first book entitled Education Untethered which is aimed at parents who want to become more involved in their child's education.  I have worked across all sectors in education but have a particular interest in young people (older children) as they begin to make some decisions about their learning pathway and future options. 
thumb_fiona doubleday
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