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Ecole de la Croisée des Chemins

Age range: 4-17

Languages:   French, German, English

Principles:    The aim of the school is to offer experiential and free learning activities based on creativity and cooperation founded on a person centred approach.

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10b rue de la Marseillaise
21000 Dijon

Phone: 00 33 0 371 810 366
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Ecole Dynamique

Number of students/members: 25

Age range: 3-19

Languages spoken: French, English

Basic principles/activities (not more than 40 words): a democratic school based on Sudbury Valley School philosophy : community of fully independent members living their own lives.

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2 4 rue du Dessous des Berges
Phone: 07 83 84 27 97
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Ecole Nouvelle et College La Prairie

Number of Students:    500 Age range 2 - 16

Languages:    French

Principles:    The learner is in charge: the adult watches, helps, guides and supports. Democratic decision-making, self-evaluation, co-operation, alternation of individual and g... Read more


1 Rue des Nefliers
31400 Toulouse

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Education Futures

Languages spoken:  English, Slovak, and Spanish

Basic principles/activities:
Education Futures is a global education research and development agency with experience in collaborating with creatives, thought leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human capital development. It is also the publisher of Knowmad Society and Manifesto 15.

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11140 Goodrich Circle, Bloomington,
Phone: 16122341231
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Educational Freedom Organization (EFO)

Languages:    English

Principles:    The Educational Freedom Organization is dedicated to increasing student freedoms within education. We write articles, hold discussions, disseminate information and attempt to further the principles of freedom within education.

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Phone: 16104705465
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Erik Tassyns

Languages:    Flemish, French, English

Other information Teacher training in various schools, based on the work of Janusz Korczak. Since 1998 working on a project called Plukplan.

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Snuifmolenstraat 30
9200 Dendermonde

Phone: 0032 52 20 14 29

Escola Lumiar

Number of Students:    91

Age range 0-14

Languages:    Portuguese, English

Principles:    All the decisions are taken at the School Meeting that gathers students and staff every week; and the students are free... Read more


Rua Bela Cintra
Sao Paolo

Phone: 55 11 3256 7092
Website: Website Title

Escuela de la Nueva Cultura La Cecilia

Number of Students:    90
Age range: 3 -19
Languages:    Spanish

Principles:    Freedom, respect, care, no punishment, no imposed teaching. Democracy, daily meeting. Self-knowledge.

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Ruta Provincial N° 5 Km 3, 3014 Monte Vera,
Santa Fe

Phone: +54 342 4904151
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Escuela Democratica de Huamachuco

Number of Students:    30 (from February onwards) Age range 6-9

Languages:    Spanish , English, German ( a bit)

Principles:    The school has been founded in March 2009. Its aim is to give children from poor families a chance to use their abilities... Read more


Castilla 208
Huamachuco Dep de la Libertad

Website: Website Title

espacio a

Phone 787-721-7426/ 787-402-9351

Number of Students:    18

Age range 4-18

Languages:    Spanish, English

Principles:    Integral education, workspace design, community engagement... Read more


calle San Justo #157, Esq. San Francisco
Viejo San Juan
Puerto Rico

Phone: 787 721 7426
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EUDEC (European Democratic Education Community)

EUDEC is a community of individuals, schools and institutions throughout Europe with decades of experience in democratic education. It shares information through conferences, meetings and seminars and school partnerships and exchanges.

School students play an active role at all levels as individual members, as EUDEC Council, in conference-planning, in the organisation of programmes etc.... Read more


Konstantinstr. 14, 04315

Phone: 49 341 9261877
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EUDEC - Hungary

EUDEC Hungary is a small civil society group and a member of EUDEC Europe. We are registered by the law, and have more than 50 members. We try to disseminate the idea of free/democratic schools in Hungary. We support start-up groups, who try to work on these principles. We would like to have good ... Read more



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