Lernwerkstatt im Wasserschloss

Number of Students:    70
Age range 6 - 15

Languages:    German, English and Spanish

Principles:    Trust in children's curiosity and will to learn, respect for individual needs. No whole-class instruction, exams or marks. Each child decides what to do each day, choosing from a wide range of opportunities for play and study, and... Read more


3140 Pottenbrunn
Josef Trautmandorfstrasse 10
Phone: 43 2782 822 37
Website: Website Title

Die Hupfauer

Languages:    German

Principles:    Co-operative projects with young people from the widest possible variety of backgrounds, usually residential and involving the creative arts: emphasis on freedom and self-direction: the purpose is to combat alienation, prejudice and consumerism: based in Austia a... Read more


4281 Moenchdorf
Moenchwald 29

Schueler Innenschule

Number of Students:    35 - 40 Age range 10 - 15

Languages:    German

Principles:    Self-government; parental involvement in running school in areas not directly the concern of the students; voluntary attendance at projects and lessons; learn... Read more


Waehringerstrasse 59

Phone: 43 1 408 20939
Website: Website Title

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