EUDEC - Hungary Conference 2018

marc 4, Budapest


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AERO Conference 2018

June 28th-July 1st | LIU Post Campus

The Spectrum Of Democratic Education



EUDEC 2018 (Greece)

1-7 August 2018 (arrival evening 31 July or morning of 1 August, departure 7 August). At Astritsi in Crete.(



IDEC/APDEC (International/Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference)
November 17th to 21st 2018

The 2018 APDEC will be held in Bengaluru (Karnataka), INDIA




Freedom to Learn Forum

Will take place on the 6th-8th April 2019 at Summerhill School in Suffolk!


IDEC 2015 in New Zealand

IDEC 2015 will be held in Nelson, New Zealand, and will run for four days, from April 9 – 12.

Up until November 30 the registration fee will be 300 New Zealand dollars. This will include a midday meal and refreshments. People under the age of eighteen will be not have to pay to register, but will be invited to make a donation to cover the cost of food. After November 30 the regular fee will be 480 dollars. There will be a wide range of accommodation available See the website – – for details.

The conference is being organized by the Ako-A-Rongo Charitable Trust. The members of Ako-A-Rongo come from different backgrounds and cultures and are committed to promoting and exploring innovative and progressive learning options. The theme of the conference will be Haumi e Hui e Taiki e – Unity and Diversity.


IDEC 2014 in Korea

A report by Tae Wook Ha

IDEC 2014 was held in Gwangmyoung, South Korea, from 27 July~3 Aug with over 500 participants who came from 17 different countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the Congo, the  Dominican Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, the Phiippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, the UK and the USA

It was a great success for Korean alternative education in many ways:

1. It was a turning point for the Korean alternative education movement which had started in the late 1990s with only handful of schools and has now, after 15 years. over a hundred. It was an opportunity for us to review what we have done and plan for the next stage.

2. It was very significant for Korean alternative education that the first generation of Korean alternative school graduates, now their 20s, were key members of Organising Team. I myself and Gwangmyoung YMCA (the hosting organisation) were there to advise, support and mentor but they were the main engine to do everything. 

3. IDEC 2014 promoted the profile of alternative/democratic education to the Korean general public. Many of the participants were conventional school teachers, youth workers, social workers and parents. The event was covered by national and local TV, magazines and newspapers.

4. This event postponed the introduction of a new law on alternative education, which was to be for regulation rather than support. We organized many talks and protests with international delegates (Thanks to Chloe & Marko from EUDEC, Zoe & Henry from Summerhill, Jerry from Aero, Kageki from Tokyo Shure and Cecilia from AAPAE) and now we are negotiating with the DoE and the National Assembly to make sure the new law will support the freedom of alternative schools.

5. IDEC 2014 was the first IDEC to be held in Asia since IDEC 2004 in India and we made great efforts to invite as many Asian countries as possible to promote democratic education in the region. Seventeen Korean democratic schools raised funds to help 45 people  from 8 different schools and organisations in less privileged countries in Asia to come to IDEC.

6. With many Asian participants, IDEC 2014 discussed more deeply on the launching of APDEC. It had been raised at the last four or five conferences,  but hardly any work had been done on it. At IDEC 2014 we took the first steps towards APDEC.

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Peter Foti
Veltlinerstrasse 1/30
2353 Austria



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