IDEC/APDEC (International/Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference) November 17th to 21st 2018

The 2018 APDEC will be held in Bengaluru (Karnataka), INDIA






Newsletter, July 2009

A message from Korea:

We are currently organizing the time schedules and rooms for the workshops. Some of the topics that you've raised to be discussed are the following:

Establishing a school and some troubles that follow

Handling difficult children

The importance of play and a good model

The importance of a personal choice

The importance of creating a space for traditional
academic setting

The advantages and disadvantages of "free space"

The benefit of students having the power to hire/fire
staff members

Alternative Education's spoiled image & the problems of the
pseudo-alternative school

Introductions of various alternative/democratic schools

Current issues of a freshly starting democratic school

The status of democratic schools in an unsupportive/poor

These are the rough collection of the topics that you've
raised and we are more than happy to hear more about your
plans for workshops.


The Korean IDEC website

The website of the Korean IDEC has improved/increased a lot during the
last weeks.

(broken link removed)/en

Particularly nice is this presentation:
(broken link removed)/sites/default/files/IDEC%202009%20Korea_2.ppt
(After some Korean letters ;-) you will find some nice pictures from previous

Contact details

Peter Foti
Veltlinerstrasse 1/30
2353 Austria



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