EUDEC - Hungary Conference 2018

marc 4, Budapest


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AERO Conference 2018

June 28th-July 1st | LIU Post Campus

The Spectrum Of Democratic Education



EUDEC 2018 (Greece)

1-7 August 2018 (arrival evening 31 July or morning of 1 August, departure 7 August). At Astritsi in Crete.(



IDEC/APDEC (International/Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference)
November 17th to 21st 2018

The 2018 APDEC will be held in Bengaluru (Karnataka), INDIA




Freedom to Learn Forum

Will take place on the 6th-8th April 2019 at Summerhill School in Suffolk!


IDEC 2008

Vancouver, Canada

Aug. 11th to 18th at the University of British Columbia.

The organisers have sent out the following announcement:

"Experience democracy: live it, learn it, share it!"

Imagine young people growing up with a deep sense of meaning, respect, connection, self-direction, passion and community. Join parents, educators and young people in celebrating learning that is based on democratic processes.

The 16th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) will meet in Canada for the first time Aug 11th-18th 2008. IDEC is an international gathering of teachers, parents, students, researchers, and the wider public who have a common interest in democratic education.

Democratic education offers a unique alternative to conventional schooling. By engaging in participatory democracy, a school's whole community is involved in its operation. Such a school offers its students the day to day experience of democracy in action. Democracy is lived.

This open-space format, 7-day conference will include keynote speakers, workshops and multi-media presentations. There will be lots of room for participants to lead workshops, and informal brainstorming and discussion.

Keynoters will include:

Helen Hughes; Founder, Windsor House School
Yaacov Hecht; Founder, Institute for Dem. Ed. in Israel
Mimsy Sadofsky; Director, Sudbury Valley School
Donna Barker; Dem. Ed. researcher
Jerry Mintz; Founder, AERO
And many more...

Windsor House Live will be the IDEC program geared to the interest of younger participants (aged 6 and up) and run by volunteer alumni, current teens, parents and staff from Windsor House School. There will be many scheduled and self-directed activities, including theatre, music, arts, play, outings and other fun stuff. The running of the space will be modelled on Windsor House practices of school council and judicial committee so all involved will be able to /live democracy/ as it is practiced at Windsor House.

IDEC is hosted by the Vancouver based Society for the Advancement of Non coercive Education (SANE) and is closely affiliated with Canada's
most established democratic school: Windsor House

For information and registration visit: or call our registration desk: 1-866-352-5976

Conference fees from April 16th to June 30th:
7 Days Standard fee $250 Students $175
3 Days Standard fee $175 Students $100
1 Day Standard fee $75 Students $35
Other prices as before:

Food Plan for 3 meals per day:
$30 per day

Single Bed in dorm room, 2 beds per room:
$30 per night

Single Bed in private room with shared kitchenette and small sitting area: $40 per night


EUDEC 2008

The Eudec Conference at the University of Leipzig will run from July 25 – August 3. After 30 April, the conference fee will increase from €200 to €250 for adults and from €100 to €125 for students. This fee includes board and lodging.


Conference Flyers and Posters Now Available

Please help us with outreach! Europe is a large area to cover, and we need support in spreading the word about the conference. Flyers and posters can now be downloaded from the website <> in both English and German. If you would like us to send you some printed copies to distribute at your school, university or organisation, just send us a mail at


European Democratic Education Community, EUDEC, Founded

The European Democratic Education Community, EUDEC, was officially founded on 16 February at the 5th European planning meeting for EUDEC 2008. This network sets out to pursue the following aims:

To support all forms of democratic education throughout Europe
To promote democratic education as the sensible educational model for all democratic states.
To establish, in legislation, the right to found and attend democratic schools
To provide aid and support to democratic schools and start-up groups
To facilitate exchange of information between democratic schools in Europe and create connections between schools for cooperation and mutual learning
To evolve into an independent and sustainable organisation with charitable status

The 39 participants of the founding meeting also elected a Council with 11 members, including four school students from the UK, Denmark and Germany. For information on membership, please contact Leslie Ocker (


EUDEC Chosen as Official UN Decade Project

The European Democratic Education Community, EUDEC, has been chosen as an official project for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development for the period 2008/2009.

This network, whose founding members include students and teachers from Summerhill, Sands School, the Freie Schule Leipzig and the Kapriole Schule, as well as representatives from democratic schools in other European countries, is working to become the foremost advisory organisation and connective network for democratic education in Europe within the next five years.


Blue Mountain

There is good news from Blue Mountain. What follows is a letter from Therese Nguyen, a Blue Mountain parent and board member. It sounds as though the IDENetwork made a difference.

First, I want to thank you all once again for emailing letters to State Superintendent Susan Castillo on behalf of Blue Mountain School. On March 6, we received an email from her office with good news for now. The state superintendent's office confirmed that the school will remain open until the end of the school year while they review the mounds of evidence in the appeals case. Your letters have made a difference. They are looking at the case seriously, instead of just writing the school off. I think it also helped that Blue Mountain’s lawyer submitted a well-written filing exception to the proposed final order, which as he noted, were ridden with "fatal flaws" in logic.

I received copies of over 70 letters to the Superintendent, which were all forwarded to the local district board and local Superintendent. A couple of the local board members who voted in support of the school were very appreciative of your comments and looked forward to receiving them every day. As some of you know, there was not only support from all over the U.S. – like Florida, New York, Texas etc… but also from all over the globe – India, Italy, Australia, Spain, England, Canada, and Germany, to mention a few. It was impressive, and the school community enjoyed reading your letters as well.

I’m not sure if you all watched the youtube video, but there are over 800 views to date! I have uploaded a new video with the updated information above, and ask that you forward it to folks who support democratic education. It certainly won’t hurt to keep the stream of emails flowing to the Superintendent’s office as she reviews the information.

In the meanwhile, the Blue Mountain community is looking into creative ways to keep the school going. There is a committee researching the potential of obtaining a new charter contract. There will be brainstorming meeting in April for the students and families to explore ways to keep the community together. I’ll keep you posted with more news, probably sometime this summer.

Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference!


New web site

Dana Bennis and Isaac Graves, associated with the American group AERO and its magazine Education Revolution, have set up a new web site at Their aim is to list every known school, educational program and supporting organization involved in education where students are respected as equals and have the right to control their own learning. They will also include a reading list.

IDEN members who are not already listed there can contact them at

Contact details

Peter Foti
Veltlinerstrasse 1/30
2353 Austria



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