IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference)

The 2017 IDEC will be in Israel, from March 28 - April 3.


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APDEC (Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference) August 1st to 5th 2017

The 2017 APDEC will be held in Tokyo


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AERO Conference (Alternative Education Resource Organisation)

In New York between August the 2nd and 7th 2017


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EUDEC Conference (European Democratic Education Community)

DATE CHANGED: In Paris on August 19th to 27th 2017.

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IDEC 2016

IDEC 2016, We Are The School, will be a combined conference with EUDEC, and will run from June 6-10th in Mikkeli, Finland.
It will be the 24th IDEC, but it will be the first one to have significant online components. There will be four different online events before, during and after the conference. For details, go to


IDEC 2015

IDEC 2015 was held last April in Nelson/New Zealand, organized by Ako-a-Rongo, a Charitable Trust for holistic learning. It was a phenomenal 4-day conference which was an inspirational and transformative experience for many participants and was described as one of the best IDECs in the 23 year history of this conference.
A very important goal for the organisers was to attract as many people as possible, particularly youth and indigenous people, to give them the opportunity to experience Democratic Education in action, so they opened their doors to many people free of charge.
Over 400 people from 30+ countries and indigenous tribes from 5 continents attended the conference, but only 90 were fully paying participants. The organisers now need help to cover the shortfall.  The relevant address is
There is a detailed account of the conference at

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