IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference)

The 2017 IDEC will be in Israel, from March 28 - April 3.


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APDEC (Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference) August 1st to 5th 2017

The 2017 APDEC will be held in Tokyo


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AERO Conference (Alternative Education Resource Organisation)

In New York between August the 2nd and 7th 2017


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EUDEC Conference (European Democratic Education Community)

DATE CHANGED: In Paris on August 19th to 27th 2017.

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APDEC 2016

The first ever APDEC (Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference) will be held in Taiwan, from  July 18 – 24, at Miao-Li County Holistic Education School No 141-3, Neiwan, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369, Taiwan.

For further information, visit or contact:  Tsung-Lin ‘Phenix’ Hsieh




The first free pre-IDEC@EUDEC online event took place on 27th February. Over 100 people took part, from all over Europe, sharing their ideas and asking questions in a wide range of workshops which ran just as they do at the conferences. The only difference was that participants could not always see each other’s faces. One workshop was on Skype, but the others were  in Adobe Connect: all you had to do to join a discussion was click on a link ­– no special software was needed.

The next on-line session will be taking place on Saturday 30th April between 10.00am – 6.00pm GMT.  Go to for more information and your chance to register.

For information about the EUDEC/IDEC in Finland, from June 6 – 10, go to

Contact details

Peter Foti
Veltlinerstrasse 1/30
2353 Austria



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